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Residential • Commercial • Industrial

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Inspection and Repairs

To extend the lifespan of your roof, it’s recommended that homeowners get a roof inspection by a professional roofing contractor every 3-5 years, depending on age and roofing material. At Intermountain Roofing Company we offer professional roof inspections before and after any roof installation.

We believe in customer service and want to be sure our customers are informed about proper care and maintenance for their home. To help our customers know what signs to look for when maintaining their roof, we have compiled a list of warning signs you may need a roof inspection or a possible roof repair.

What to Look For

Curling shingles
If you notice your shingles are starting to curl or pull away from your roof, it may be time to replace a few shingles. When the shingles are pulling away this is a result of a few possible solutions:

  • Adhesive Failure: The adhesive may be deteriorating underneath causing the shingles to pull loose and flap around.
  • Weather Related Damage: After a bad storm, the combination of wind and rain can sometimes pull at your shingles causing them to curl and flap around. Harsh winters can also play a role in the breakdown of your shingles. If snow sits for too long on your roof, the combination of added weight and moisture can break down the material and cause it to crack easily.

Aging roof
The life expectancy of most roofing material is said to last between 20-25 years depending on warranty and roofing product. If you notice pieces of shingles missing or granules in your gutters, this is a tall tale sign your roof may need some TLC, or possibly time for a new roof.

Moisture or soft spots
If you notice soft spots on your roof, this is a sign there is moisture in the insulation or underneath your shingles and needs to be checked immediately.

We will provide, not only a professional roof inspection, but also provide you with helpful tips to properly maintain your roof and make it last. Contact us to assure your roof is receiving the proper care.

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